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The usual Autism treatments you will encounter are either non-medical (psychological) or biomedical.

Using these treatments, your child's needs are considered when trying to find those that are effective and are likely to be effective in reaching the goal of normalcy.

As with all conditions, not everyone has successful outcomes with one or two specific treatments. The treatment plan you choose should include a complete evaluation of the results observed in the child.

You will find that using these methods can be time consuming and stressful. If pharmaceutical drugs are used, you need to consider the physical as well as possible mental problems that might occur.  Most of these drugs are not recommended to be used for long periods of time.

What If…

  • the quality of the water that is drunk could help?  Seems simple? It is!


  • the bed slept on made a big difference?  Removing the stress in the body may just help.


  • wearing a few simple devices affected mental and physical balance in a positive way? The child with autism would be able to think and act in a developmentally “normal” way.


  • there was a way to possibly eliminate the drugs so often prescribed? Implementing the above has been successful in helping those afflicted with this condition reduce or eliminate the use of prescription drugs.

You will find that not all those who suffer with autism react the same way to each individual treatment, but when there are a number of successful results, I think it is at least worth looking into.


Do you want to live a normal life?

Listen to how those in the following two testimonial videos used specific technologies with amazing success, enabling them to live a more normal life.

Autism in Children

We find Autism in children at an alarming rate of one in one hundred. Autism is thought by the medical community to be a result of disorders in the brain.  These disorders can be can possibly be caused by abnormalities in the brains’ structures.

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Skepticism about these Autism treatments is understandable.  Most of those who have used the treatments and products referred to on this page were also skeptical.

If you have a chance to help a loved one join those who are now living a productive happy life let us, help you meet that goal.

Following are more testimonials about the successful use of our products and their results.

More Testimonials

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